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Staff and Departmental Development Unit

Leadership & management

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SDDU plays a key role in developing leadership and management skills for staff at all levels to maximise organisational and individual impact. We have extensive experience in creating tailored solutions to meet University,  faculty and team needs.  From guidance and support in adopting action plans linked to staff feedback via the People Management Framework,  to specialist advice in leadership training and development, SDDU has a wide range of expertise in working with departments on a variety of issues.

The types of activities we support include:

Design and delivery of a range of open and bespoke leadership and management development courses and programmes for staff at all levels, including: deans, heads of school, ‘tomorrow’s leaders‘ and first-line managers

Open courses, including: leading in challenging times; recruitment and selection; staff review and development; building effective teams; strategic planning and implementaion; leading change, managing conflict, influencing, financial awareness and project management

Facilitation of away days to promote strategic planning, team development, building a positive working environment, customer care, etc

Development of mentoring and coaching support and programmes.

Feedback on SDDU support:

"From a personal point of view it is great to feel supported and guided through this process of culture change. I wish I’d known 2 years ago that SDDU offers this kind of developmental work for teams!" 

Training and Development Staff

Penny Hatton
Paul Heaton
Marcus Hill

Course Co-ordinators

Mandy Ellis
Joanne Sutherland 
Kuldip Banger



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