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Research Staff Conference

The University of Leeds Research Staff Conference is being held on 18th July 2017.

This full day conference is designed around careers and planning for your future, covering both academic and non-academic careers.  The day consists of interactive plenary sessions, a range of breakout workshops and a closing Q&A session.

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Each participant will select 2 breakout sessions from the following selection:

Breakout sessions:

Communicating with Confidence (VOX Coaching) 

How we can speak so that others want to listen. We look at building the confidence and presence that enable us to interact confidently a wide variety of professional contexts, including situations when we are most strongly ‘in the spotlight.’  How can you develop a professional persona that is natural to you and helps you make your mark? What are the qualities that give us an influential edge? How do you make an immediate connection with an audience, hold their interest and get your message across clearly and with impact?

This lively and enlightening session will equip you with practical communication skills to help you strengthen your confidence, become someone to whom others want to listen and achieve greater and more consistent impact and influence. It will enable you find a communication style that’s authentic, engaging and persuasive – one that you can ‘flex’ to suit the context. We’ll also look at how to develop the clarity, assertiveness and personal presence to interact more successfully with others and in front of an audience.

How to make sense of your Career (Ruth Winden)

Ruth brings us a new, creative session on how to make sense of one’s career, using creative, conversation and writing tools to get a better understanding of who you are as a professional. This session is based on the fact that once you understand your life and career journey, you will find it so much easier to enjoy and drive your career. Not to mention how much easier it is to convince others of your value.

Academic Careers (OD&PL)

This session focusses on careers within academia. We will look at advertisements for academic positions and break them down to unpick what the recruiters are really after. Once you understand what is needed it becomes easier to demonstrate your skills. Then we will work on getting you the perfect CV and evidencing your application. It’s all about making the right impression.

Applications & Interviews (Careers Service)

This workshop will look at styles and types of non-academic interviews. We will look at how to deal with competency based questions and how to present and translate your research and academic experience within job applications for roles and organisations outside academia.

Personal Resilience (University Counselling Service)

Nicola Neath will be talking about the Imposter Syndrome, feeling like you are a fraud in your job or role. She will explore some ideas about how this self-doubt forms and detracts from our achievements and our willingness to progress. She will be also making some suggestions on how you can manage these experiences going forward and learn to self-affirm and recognise, and value your achievements rather than diminish them!

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