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writing iconCovering the process from selecting a journal, academic writing and manuscript preparation, through to the final submission this series of short sessions are designed to equip you with the tools you need to get started.

For those of you wanting to build on these courses or wanting the final push to get that paper off your desk and in front of an editor we occasionally offer a longer 12 week structured course.

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Targeting the correct journal, impact factors and how to use citation statistics to determine the good from the not so good.  Increasing your chances of being cited and a look at open access.

Manuscript preparation, authorship, presenting data, formatting ready for submission.

Summarising your research to fit that tiny word limit, and different abstracts for papers, posters and conferences.

Understand the different types of authorship. How authorship is decided and common problems associated with authorship in academic journals.

Selecting potential reviewers, composing your cover letter, proofreading and some editor pet hates.


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  • Getting through the review process

What to do when the reviewer comments come back, formatting responses and corrections and if required writing rebuttal letters.

This 12 week structured programme is designed for people wanting to write and submit a paper.  Help and support is given at all stages but the emphasis is on submission at the end.  Work outside the workshops is essential.

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