Using wikis in learning and teaching

"there is a great potential in this tool to be completely disruptive (in a good way) to the classroom setting" (James 2004)

A Wiki is a web technology that allows a web site to be collaboratively constructed and edited with no specialist tools and very little technical know-how. This is of interest in learning and teaching as a wiki can offer students and educators a more active, participative relationship with web based materials.

These pages explore:

  1. What is a wiki and how does it work?
  2. How to contribute to a wiki.
  3. Why using a wiki is relevant to learning and teaching in Higher Education?
  4. Wiki applications in learning and teaching
  5. Case studies of wiki use within Higher Education and at Leeds.
  6. Issues with referencing wikis and Wikipedia.
  7. How to plan to use a wiki in your teaching?
  8. How to go about setting up a wiki site?
  9. How to manage your wiki and its users?
  10. How to use a wiki to help you allocate marks for a wiki assignment?
  11. Where can you find out more information using wikis in education?

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