Using video in learning & teaching

Through television, cinema and increasingly the internet we are all extremely familiar with the medium of video. The engaging multi-sensory nature of video has an enormous power to entertain, influence, emote and also to educate. As a result video remains a very important mechanism to be considered in promoting the learning of students in higher education.

These pages provide:

  1. An introduction to video in teaching & learning
  2. A review of recent developments in video and the Internet
  3. An overview of the pedagogical aspects of video in teaching and learning
  4. Brief review of accessibility issues
  5. Example video L&T applications
  6. Case studies of video use at the University of Leeds
  7. Other examples of educational video use
  8. Guide to using existing video resources (finding appropriate clips, checking copyright, editing, delivering)
  9. Guide to creating your own video resources
  10. More information

Example science video from the Open University

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