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Episode 4: Comparing recording equipment

An audio file recorded with a variety of different devices, allowing you to hear the difference in quality between them when compressed and played back at 128kb/s. Equipment used includes standard headphones, USB headphones, Olympus Digital voice recorders (dictaphones) with and without Sony External Microphones, a Zoom H2 portable digital recorder and a "podcasting kit" with a vocal mic and pre-amp.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list it might give you an indication of how different recording options compare when heard side by side.

Episode 3: Video Podcast

Screen shot from a podcasted instruction video

A test video podcast to demonstrate that it doesn't have to be just audio that can be syndicated using RSS feeds. This video was converted to mp4 format for inclusion in the podcast. MP4 is the preferred format for cross platform delivery and is recognised by iTunes, one of the most common aggregators.

The conversion was carried out using the free SUPER video conversion tool

The video featured here was created by Peter Collis, Ben Grigor, Jonathan Pitches and Ian Smith over the course of a two day SDDU video workshop. A fantastic achievement.

Link to video file

Episode 2: Karen Lee on using audio in teaching

Karen Lee, from Pathology, speaks in favour of very short, focused audio files, and how she links the information contained here with material presented in lectures.

Episode 1: Introduction to Podcasting in Leeds

Learning technologist, Simon Davis introduces the series by speaking to students and academics including Mark Reed, Dr. Neil Morris, Dr. Karen Lee, Dr. Aisha Walker, and Pam Blundell to find out what has been going on with audio and podcasting at the University of Leeds.