Putting video on to LUTube

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LUTube makes it very easy for users to upload video and share it online. After logging in to the site, the Upload page allows you to find your video file on your computer and add details about it that LUTube will display alongside your online video after it has been converted.

Be aware

This tutorial covers a number of areas such as copyright, access control, embedding and tagging content. You can find more detailed information about these topics in the appropriate tutorials detailed after the step by step guide.

Step by step

  1. Go to the LUTube homepage (http://lutube.leeds.ac.uk) and enter your ISS username and password and then click "Log in".
  2. screenshot of log in area
  3. After logging in click on the Upload tab to go to the upload page.
  4. screenshot of upload tab
  5. Click on the Browse… button to locate the video that you wish to upload. LUTube will allow you to upload video in the main standard video formats (.wmv, .flv, .mov, .avi, .mpg, .mp4, .3gp, .ogg, .vob)
  6. Add details about your video, mandatory fields are indicated with a *. You may include a Title and Description (this can be as long as you want and include links to other places on the web)
  7. Tags can be used to identify video content and can allow you to create “groups” of video by tagging them with the same name.
  8. Set the Access Restrictions for the video to determine who can see the video on LUTube and whether LUTube provides embed code to embed the video on other websites. Options for Access Restriction are:
  9. Table describing the Access Restriction options for LUTube
    Access restriction Visibility on LUTube Embed in other sites
    Private Only visible to video owner No embed code produced
    Login Only to logged in members of the
    University (staff and students)
    No embed code produced
    Public Without restriction Yes, with embed code
    Hosted Only visible to video owner Yes, with embed code
    screenshot of access restrictions
  10. Tick the mandatory field to say that you have agreed to the Terms and conditions (you will not be able to upload content unless you have checked this box).
  11. By default the Show related content by tags option will be selected. This will allow you to browse through other content that has been tagged with the same keywords as yours when you view your video.
  12. Select the appropriate mandatory field from the Who owns the rights to this work? If the video has been created as part of your job at the University of Leeds, then there is a good chance that all rights are owned by the University.
  13. There are a range of Licence requirements available to you – you may wish to reserve all rights for the content, or allow others to share and copy it as long as they attribute you. If you have specific licensing requirements, for example you are showing 3rd party content by special permission, then select "Other licence agreed" and if necessary enter details into the Additional copyright information box.
  14. When you have completed the form, click on the Upload button. Your video will be uploaded and converted for online delivery. If there are any errors on the upload form, e.g. you are trying to upload a file that is not a video or you have not completed a mandatory field, you will be prompted to correct them before you are able to upload.
  15. You can check on conversion progress by pressing F5 on the keyboard to refresh the browser.
  16. Once your video has converted it will be ready for playback through LUTube and displayed with the additional details you added at upload.
  17. You can change any of these details by clicking on the edit link on the video main page.
  18. screenshot of edit link

Additional information

  • Embedding content from LUTube
  • Restrict access to content
  • Rights and licences in LUTube
  • LUTube copyright advice page

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