Putting content from LUTube into the VLE and other websites

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LUTube can produce embed code that will allow you to easily place your video in other websites without any specialist web skills. You need to be sure that LUTube displays the embed code by setting the Access Restriction appropriately, and that you can edit the HTML of the websites that you want the video to appear in. The following steps explain how to do this in a standard VLE page.

Be aware

  • LUTube video content is only being made available to view in the VLE. If you delete the video from LUTube then it also will cease to be available in its embedded location.
  • You can follow a similar procedure to embed LUTube videos in other webpages, or embed YouTube videos into the VLE.

Step by step

  1. Upload content to LUTube and set the Access Restrictions to “public” or “hosted”. Public content can be
    seen be any visitors to LUTube, Hosted content can only be seen on LUTube by the video owner, but the
    embed code allows it to be placed in other websites such as the VLE. For more details about Access
    Restrictions see the Access Restrictions tutorial.
  2. screenshot of Access Restrictions options
  3. If your content has already been uploaded to LUTube, you can check and set the Access Restriction by using
    the edit link within the Video Details section of your video.
  4. screenshot of edit link
  5. Copy the embed code that is displayed on the video page. To ensure you have copied it all, right click (option
    click for macs) with your mouse in the embed code text and choose Select All (the embed code should turn
    blue) and then right click (option click for macs) inside the code again and choose Copy.
  6. screenshot of copy embed code
  7. Go to an editable page in the VLE, ensure you are in Edit mode and create a new item by clicking on the +Item button at the top of the VLE page.
  8. screenshot of +Item button
  9. In the main text editor box, click on the <> button to enter into HTML Source mode – this will allow you to
    use the embed code you have just copied.
  10. screenshot of +Item button
  11. Right click with your mouse and choose Paste to paste the entire embed code on a new line within the text box.
  12. screenshot of access restrictions
  13. Press the <> button again within the text editor to exit HTML edit mode and complete the rest of the details
    about your VLE item (Name etc.) and then click Submit.
  14. Your LUTube video should be visible within the VLE.
  15. LUTube video embedded in the VLE

Additional information

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