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LUTube offers four levels of access control to protect your video. Access controls can affect:

  • Visibility of the content on the LUTube website
  • Production of embed code for easy placement of video content in other websites.
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Be aware

  • There are always inherent security risks with displaying video online and these need to be weighed against the benefits
  • While we can prevent others from finding your content on LUTube, the use of embed code to display your video means that it is possible for your video to be placed in other areas without your permission.
  • Access controls do not apply to embed code, for example if your content has been restricted to logged in users only on LUTube it is still possible for visitors to take the embed code and place that content on other websites.

Access restrictions options

Access restriction options
Access Restriction Visibility on LUTube Embed code Example of use
Private Only visible to video owner No Pre‐load content for conversion by LUTube to be made available at a later date.
Login Only to logged in members
of the University (staff and
No Protection from viewing outside of academic context. Useful for announcements, non‐sensitive reflection etc.
Public Without restriction Yes Can be seen by anyone and embedded freely. Useful for disseminating information or marketing material.
Hosted Only visible to video owner Yes Place content on LUTube for hosting, conversion and delivery and then use the embed code to make it visible to your selected audience through another channel with fine grained access control such as the VLE.

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