LUTube & Video tutorials

Using LUTube

LUTube first look link icon

Section of LUTube URL in browser address bar

Introductory video giving an overview of the main features and functionality of LUTube.

Putting videos on LUTube link icon

LUTube upload button

Tutorial covering the main aspects of uploading your content to LUTube.

Placing LUTube videos in the VLE and other websites link icon

Embed code detail

Use LUTube to host and convert your video and then embed it in the VLE and other websites.

Control who can see your video link icon

Access restriction options detail

LUTube offers four simple and versatile ways to control who can see your online videos.

Understanding rights and licencing link icon

Creative commons logo

Protect your content and understand the flexible licencing options offered by LUTube.

Using FLIP video cameras link icon

Flip camera

FLIP video cameras are an easy and cheap way to record your own video content. These two videos run through the process of recording video, copying to your PC and uploading to LUTube.

Video podcasting with RSS feeds link icon

RSS icon

LUTube creates RSS feeds from public video content, allowing viewers to subscribe to video series and automatically download new content as it is produced.

LUTube case studies

Dr Leo Enticknap - using the ERA licencelink icon

Case study thumbnail

Dr Leo Enticknap (ICS / PVAC) discusses how he usese the Educational Recording Agency (ERA) licence and public domain content to allow his students to get access to films and documentaries without breaching copyright.

Dr John Heritage- Producing videos for learning and teachinglink icon

Case study thumbnail

Dr. John Heritage (Biology) talks about his approach to using and producing video resources for learning and teaching.