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Integrating technology into assessment
Tools to aid administration of assessment

Tools to aid marking of assessments

Screenshot of GrademarkGrademark

Grademark is an additional feature of TurnitinUK, the plagiarism detection software currently used at Leeds. Assignments are uploaded to the system by students and then become available for marking online. Tutors can create their own rubrics (pre-defined comments) and reuse them on more than one assignment. Once the assignments are marked they can be made available for students to view electronically. Paper copies can also be printed. The system also has tools for recording and managing marks.



What do you think the advantages and disadvantages might be of marking online?

  • Consistency - you can reuse the same rubrics on more than one essay
  • Time saving - if you are repeating the same comments on several student assignments
  • Easy to amend comments
  • More detailed feedback - as a result of reusing comments and being able to link externally
  • Legibility
  • Ease of collection and return - students like the fact that they don't have to visit the department office to collect and return their work
  • Reading on a screen
  • Risk of less personalised feedback

infoFind out about Staff Development courses on using Grademark at Leeds
This link searches the courses database to see if there any courses planned in the near future

Microsoft Word

Screenshot of Word review toolbarIt is possible to annotate a Word document electronically and email the edited document back to the students by using the Review tools in Microsoft Word. The following article from Tulane University discusses how.

PDF Annotating Document in Word