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The Masterclass events have replaced the Talking about Teaching series, and are co-organised by the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE) and Organisational Development and Professional Learning (OD&PL, formerly SDDU). They are led by nationally recognised speakers and are designed to provide new ideas and discussion about a range of aspects of learning and teaching.

For further details, and to attend an event, please contact Rekha Parmar on

We are looking forward to hosting more Masterclass events and welcome any suggestions.  Therefore if you have seen an inspiring speaker at a conference and you think they would add value to the Masterclass programme, please contact Kate Exley in OD&PL on

The next event taking place is Building Digital Platforms to Support the Work Placement Journey led by Rebecca Evans (Work Placement Manager) and Greg Miller (Head of Placements), 20 June 2017, 12:00-14:00.


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 Previous Events

Nick Grindle 25/5/17
Jamie Wood 16/3/17
Gill Seyfang 9/02/17
Fiona Cownie 30/11/16
Kalwant Bhopal 12/7/16
Christine Jarvis 19/11/15
Alison Le Cornu 11/05/15
David Scott 23/04/15
Lorraine Stefani 19/11/2014
Gavin Brown - 17/09/2014
Richard Reece 4/06/2014
Etienne Wenger 14/04/2014
Steve Wheeler 26/03/2014
Professor Eric Mazur 18/11/2013
Dr Tansy Jessop (University of Winchester) 24/09/2013
Monika Foster (Edinburgh Napier) 29/05/2013
David White 9/04/2013
Francois Desjardins 18/03/2013
Chris Megone 11/03/2013
Peter Hartley 25/01/2013
Colin Bryson 28/11/2012
Andrea Jackson 5/11/2012
Mitch Waterman & Siobhan Hugh-Jones - 14/06/2012
Melissa Highton - Monday 14/05/2012
Neil Morris - 26/03/2012
Diana Laurillard - 23/02/2012
Dai Hounsell - 10/05/2011
Gwen Van Der Velden - 5/04/2011
Stan Taylor - 3/02/2011
Effective Feedback Week - 13-17/12/2010
Paul Blackmore - 3/11/2010
Gary Priestnall - 28/5/2010
Alan Mortiboys - 26/2/2010


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