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Please note that the Digital Dates Programme is presently under review for 2017-2018 and no future dates are scheduled. If you wish to know about past events please visit the links below.

Living, learning and working in a digital society requires us all to develop digital expertise.  Digital Dates is a programme of short, informal workshops for both staff and students across the University co-ordinated by Organisational Development and Professional Learning (OD&PL) and Skills@Library to help us to develop digital skills to support all aspects of our lives at the University.

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2016-2017 Digital Dates Programme

Session 1: LinkedIn Alumni Tool
Session 2: PowerPoint Tricks for Enhanced Presentations and Lectures
Session 3: Digital Identity: Reflecting on your Online Presence
Session 4: Using Yammer to Connect, Organise and Share with your Team.
Session 5: Adventures in Vlogging: One Student's Experiences of Setting up an Academic YouTube Channel
Session 6: Mobile Polling and Surveying for Research, Teaching and Learning using mQlicker
Session 7: Exploring the Role of the Student Blended Learning Champions: Here to Help!

2015-2016 Digital Dates Programme

Session 1: MOOC's and the future of education
Session 2: Introducing Endnote: An easier way to manage your references
Session 3: Lecture Capture and Media Management: Create Digital Content with Personal Capture
Session 4: Preparing to make a video
Session 5: Using Video Game-Style Virtual Worlds in Teaching
Session 6: Big Data - Why it's not just for Data Scientists
Session 7: Blackboard Collaborate (Online)

2014-2015 Digital Dates Programme

Session 1: Protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) when making audio and video recordings
Session 2: Analysing Learning Analytics
Session 3: How to Create an Award Winning Blog
Session 4: Referencing made easy: Introducing Endnote
Session 5: Organise your life: there’s an app (or a thousand) for that!
Session 6: Teaching on a MOOC: Engagement and Collaboration in the Humanities
Session 7: Digital Storytelling using Animoto
Session 8: Designing Digital Literacy in the Leeds Curriculum
Session 9: Alternate Reality Games in Education
Session 10: Google Glass


2013-2014 Digital Dates Programme

Session 1: What is a MOOC?
Session 2: Using Technology to win Campaigns
Session 3: How to protect yourself online
Session 4: Making the Most of Twitter
Session 5: Finding images online and using them correctly (without breaching copyright)
Session 6: Leveraging LinkedIn for career development
Session 7. Using digital technologies to facilitate collaborative research and public engagement
Session 8. How to protect yourself online
Session 9. Maximising the impact of your research through open access
Session 10. Why Blog? - Personal and Professional Fulfilment
Session 11: Teaching in an Online Classroom
Session 12: Using Social Media Platforms in Learning and Teaching
Session 13: Strategic planning and evaluation of technologies for industrial engagement
Session 14: February 2014 - 4Ts (trying tablet technology in teaching)
Session 15: Thinking about your online presence
Session 16: 29th April 2014 - Enhancing learning through technology: gamifying Higher Education
Session 17: Saving Face(book): The Ethics of Social Network Sites
Session 18: Finding and sharing teaching resources online: The Leeds Jorum Open Window
Session 19: 'A picture is worth a thousand words' an introduction to infographics

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