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Learning and teaching workshops and events

Organisational Development and Professional Learning (OD&PL) offers a range of workshops and events to support development of learning and teaching at the University suitable for your role. These are presently being developed and will be advertised shortly. Sessions range from 30 minutes to three hours in length and accompanying online resources are available.

These sessions offer the opportunity to learn about University strategy, the support available to staff, and key developments in student education.  This introductory programme provides the opportunity to engage in discussion with the speakers and to meet other recently-appointed staff from across the University.

This series of workshops and events are designed to support colleagues at all stages of their teaching careers: Introduction to Teaching, Developing Teaching Practice, and Teaching for Research-based Learning, and Leading Student Education.

The Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE) offer masterclasses on a variety of themes which will be relevant for many colleagues. Visit LITE or follow @LeedsTeaching for information on events.

The University of Leeds encourages staff to use a range of technologies as appropriate to support and enhance academic work and to meet the University’s Blended Learning Strategy and Digital Strategy for Taught Student Education 2013.  These workshops, online resources and networks provide opportunities to explore and develop new approaches to teaching and research and develop skills in using specific tools.

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