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An Award-Winning Personal Development Programme for Women

Find yourself, be yourself, like yourself!

What is Springboard?

Women on phoneSpringboard is an award-winning three-month personal development programme designed especially for women. It has been created to enable women to achieve greater recognition and influence and to fulfil their potential in both their work and personal lives. Springboard supports the University’s Single Equality Scheme in giving women the tools to develop themselves and their own careers, and is one way of ensuring that women continue to be represented, particularly at more senior levels in the University.

Springboard programmes are run around the world for all sorts of organisations including universities, government departments, city councils, banks, the BBC & the police to name but a few.

The programme has helped thousands of women to develop their confidence, assertiveness and personal and work relationships.

What does it cover?

“The Springboard Programme has been life changing for me – and awakening. It has certainly unlocked my potential and I look forward to fulfilling this.”

“Springboard has enabled me to critically review myself and equipped me to make the changes I need to, to improve at work and for myself”

Target Audience:

Three programmes currently run within the University to cover all female members of staff delivered by SDDU and the LOGIK Centre. For further details see our dates and bookings page.

Why is it just for women?

Springboard is pro-women but definitely not anti-men. Research has found that on personal development programmes women thrive better in a supportive, all female environment. Women have a lot to learn from each other on the programme and discuss home, relationships and health issues as well as work.

Don’t men need a similar programme?

Research shows that more women than men need help with such things as confidence, assertiveness and work life balance. SDDU is currently only licensed to run the programme for women. However, we do run other personal development courses which are open to all staff.

What is included in the Springboard Programme?

Dates of next courses and application forms

Springboard impact evaluation – a report based on a survey of former Springboard participants from 2006-2010





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