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Leadership Excellence Behaviours

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Defining Leadership Excellence

Our Leadership Excellence Behaviours – which replace the previous Leadership and Management Standard – have been developed to establish a set of clear definitions and expectations which reflect effective leadership in the context of our University. They describe the way that our leaders are expected to behave and, in so doing, how they promote a positive, high trust work environment for all.

The introduction of a common set of behaviours provides a shared vocabulary through which colleagues can describe, discuss and review their leadership capability both as individuals and teams.

Purposeful Leadership iconPurposeful Leadership

We understand the goals and values of our university, set a clear direction and help colleagues to translate strategic priorities in to the delivery of specific outcomes which are informed by evidence and insight. We build confidence and commitment in the way that we listen to the views of others, act on our plans, learn from our setbacks and celebrate our successes.

Strategic Thinking iconStrategic Thinking & Decision Making

We make informed decisions and take considered risks, which incorporate both short and long term factors and are aligned with our University Strategic Plan and values. We prioritise activity and make choices which are most likely to enable the delivery of shared goals. We scan the horizon for emerging opportunities and plan current activities with the future in mind.

Creativity and Innovation iconCreativity and Innovation

We actively seek and use feedback to drive continuous improvement. We challenge ourselves and others to be the best we can and share best practice from across our university and beyond. We create an environment where new ideas and creative problem solving are encouraged and acted on.



Collaborative iconCollaborative

We build effective working relationships with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders to shape the future through creative collaborations and teamwork. We demonstrate the impact of our contribution through regional, national and international partnership and we work in partnership with our diverse range of colleagues, students and partners to understand their needs and deliver excellent outcomes.


Communicating with Impact iconCommunicating with Impact

We build trust and gain buy in to shared goals through our professionalism, integrity and effective communication skills. We influence and engage others across and beyond our institution through active two way dialogue and by promoting a clear and targeted message which positively reflects our university.



Delivering Results iconDelivering Results

We take responsibility for delivering change efficiently and making things happen. Barriers and challenges are resolved promptly and success is celebrated. We are committed to ensuring that positive change is sustained and embedded to drive future success. We take a proactive approach to developing services, solutions and processes which are accessible, inclusive and user friendly.


Developing Others iconDeveloping Others

We equip colleagues to perform to the best of their ability and realise their potential through ongoing feedback, coaching and development. We value and recognise the benefits of working with a diverse range of talented colleagues and actively seek to build inclusive teams in which all team members can thrive.


Self Aware

Resilience and Adaptability iconResilience & Adaptability

We are able to adapt to changing priorities and seek to create a positive and healthy working environment in the way that we engage with and support others.


Self Awareness iconSelf Awareness

We understand our individual leadership style and adapt our approach in response to the situation and the needs of others. We regularly seek feedback to increase our levels of self awareness and are committed to undertaking development to improve our personal effectiveness.


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