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Recycling in OD&PL

This page is intended as a guide for OD&PL members of staff.

For an A – Z of what can be recycled around campus check out the university’s comprehensive ABC recycling guide.

Battery Recycling: Used batteries can be collected for recycling at the places below, these are either taken to the collection point in LUU or sent to Cleaning Services.


Additionally, there are some rechargeable batteries available to borrow.

Paper: For non-confidential waste, we are encouraged to re-use paper if only 1 side has been printed on.  We should use it for scrap or reprinting ourselves wherever possible.  In some instances (for example when we had out-of-date letterhead paper), this can taken to Bright Beginnings nursery by colleagues who use the nursery. For general printing, double-sided printing is encouraged and is the default setting for all printers.

Printer & toner cartridges: These are all recycled through appropriate methods.

Pens: All types of used pens can be recycled or upcycled into other products.  There are collection boxes in both large training rooms.

Used Postage Stamps: If you have used stamps, they can be sent to charities to raise money  (overseas stamps are worth around 4 times as much as UK stamps).

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