Organisational Development and Professional Learning

About OD&PL

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The purpose of Organisational Development and Professional Learning is to enhance the capability and competence of the University’s staff and research students and the effectiveness of its organisational units in delivering world-class activities that support the academic objectives and priorities set out in the Strategic Plan.

We provide training and development to support academic, professional and organisational development, both centrally and on a bespoke basis for individual faculties, schools and services.  This provision includes support for staff and postgraduate research students through short courses, longer programmes and credit-bearing programmes, networks, one-to-one advice, coaching, mentoring, personal development planning and online resources.  Our provision covers development in the following areas:

We support organisational development through bespoke work with faculties, schools, services and groups; through networks which bring together those with similar roles; and through support for a range of University projects, initiatives and groups.

OD and PL training and development:

  1. Is aligned with University strategic objectives, priorities and values.
  2. Supports individual career development and progression and enables individuals and groups to develop the capabilities needed to take on a range of roles and challenges.
  3. Addresses all key aspects of people’s roles.
  4. Develops existing and new knowledge, skills and capabilities and helps people to meet appropriate standards and expectations.
  5. Incorporates a suitable blend of learning methods.
  6. Is provided on a cross-institutional or devolved/bespoke basis as appropriate.
  7. Is developed and delivered in partnership with academic and professional experts.

We are a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional team with a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds.  We supplement our own expertise with that of a small number of external tutors and staff from across the University, all selected for their expertise.

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